Welcome to my blog. I am Rowena Sierant, an aspiring writer who lives in a sleepy village by the sea. I hope you can slow down for a while and come drifting with me. I want to share my observations and inspirations of life by the sea and hope you can share your thoughts with me.

I have chosen the word, drifting, firstly because of the association it has with the sea – to be carried along by currents of water. Think about the beauty of driftwood and how, through time, it is shaped, smoothed and full of beauty even though it is old and no longer living. Each piece of driftwood has been on a journey and tells a story. Just as each of us has taken a passage through life.

I have also chosen to drift through stories because life moves at such a rapid pace. Drifting: a continuous slow movement. If only we all had more time to drift. However, I believe we can all slow down a little – observe – think – be inspired – inspire!

I hope you can take a journey with me, drifting through stories, sharing observations and inspirations. Let’s discover life’s stories, imagined stories, shared stories, entwined stories, inspiring stories…

Rowena Sierant

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